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Mimica Lab: Accessible, affordable freshness indicators


Mimica is reducing food waste and hunger through their accessible, affordable freshness indicators for perishable products. They want to become the globally recognised mark of freshness for industry, consumers and communities. Mimica is looking for introductions to food companies that want to reduce waste.

Our interview with Solveiga, Founder of Mimica Lab

Describe your mission in a sentence or two

From food to pharma, we aim to become the global mark of freshness for industry, consumers & communities all around the world. The way we do this is we create accessible, affordable freshness indicators.

Who are your clients?

Global and local food producers.

What stage are you at in your business?

Pre-revenue and about to launch.

What is your business model? (in particular talking about how you marry profit and purpose)

We outsource the manufacture of Mimica Touch indicators and then sell them to food producers for around a penny. The more we sell, the better informed consumers are about how to keep their food well and when they can use it until to reduce food waste.

What does "Impact" mean to you as a profit-driven company?

The desire to play a significant role in making the world a better place is what unites us at Mimica. We believe that we can create a world-class business that’s rooted in our values, creates great jobs, lending a hand when we can, delivering with kindness and decency all around the world.

What is the vision for the company?

To be the global mark of freshness, giving everyone an intelligent way to know if something is fresh and radically reducing the amount we waste.

What kind of partnerships do you have in place to grow your business?

We crucially set up a research partnership with the University of Chester. It’s where the Mimica lab has been based from the start and they’ve provided us with great expertise and all the technical equipment you’d ever need to develop our product. We’re opening a new lab at Wrexham Glyndŵr University next month too as we grow.

What does “diversity” mean in practice for your company?

I believe the most creative solutions occur at the edges of our understanding, and the best way to make that magic happen is by sharing ideas between people with varied backgrounds. We make a point of putting our creatives next to our scientists and we will continue to create a melting pot of experiences from all walks of life.

What other UK impactful start-up do you love and why?

Staying on the theme of food waste, I love using the Olio app as it helps me share spare food I have with my neighbours easily and the company is run by a pair of inspiring women, Tessa and Sascha.

What’s next for your company?

After 3 years of lab research, we’re running our first production run right now and negotiating commercial contracts with global food producers so watch this space!

How can the SeedTribe community be involved in helping you scale your impact?

With our first product ready, we’re looking to meet food companies looking to make a meaningful dent in their waste.

To contact Solveiga, send us an email and we will put you in touch.

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