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Max Mindpower: Mindfulness Made Easy and Fun

Max Mindpower

Max Mindpower is tacking the anxiety epidemic that is experienced by children today. Their mindfulness-inspired toy brand makes it easy and fun for children to look after their mental health. Max Mindpower are looking for investors.

Our interview with Nikki, Founder of Max Mindpower:

Describe your mission in a sentence or two:

Our mission is to bring mindfulness into the lives of all children through the medium of a kid’s character who makes it easy and fun for kids to learn. All children should have the opportunity to learn the skills that enable them to live happy and successful lives.

Who are your clients?

Our clients were originally very varied: they ranged from organisations, schools and professionals - to our target market which was our end user. Now we have a much simpler approach to reaching our end user and that is through licensing. So our new clients are other toy companies and book publishers. Through licensing it is much easier to grow a brand as you can take immediate advantage of your partners existing manufacturing and distribution channels. It’s also quite exciting as it allows us to expand into new product categories which we wouldn’t normally have thought about. Our only B2C sales will be achieved through our app.

What stage are you at in your business?

We are achieving sales already. Originally, the brand came from Ireland and it immediately sold successfully around the world. We then came to the UK to pursue funding through the SEIS scheme and to work closely with new partners. We are quite an established and recognised brand within the toy industry now.

What is your business model?

Our business model is two fold; firstly we have a IP Business Model for all of our physical products, such as our books and plush bears. Our app will operate on a typical freemium model which allows further purchases if you want to customise your experience or get new content. The app sales are also supported by the sales of the physical products, as they are interconnected. That allows the app to be supported by the marketing that the licensed products provides.

Our cost effective business model allows us to reduce the price of our products; which is particularly important for us. We want to get products into the hands of all children and we would like price to not be an issue.

What does "impact" mean to you as a profit-driven company?

Impact of course means selling products, but to us it also means that we have the ability to provide our quality products to customers.  Sales and profits are all very well and are necessary to keep you in business, but that can’t be the sum total of what it’s all about. At a time when we can see the impact that our actions have had on our world, we have to be aware as a company that if we are making any impression - it has to be a good one.

What is the vision for the company?

The vision for this company is to grow into a multi-category children’s brand that every child on the planet is aware of. Ultimately we are going to look to create an animated series to really get our message out there, that is our next step after the app is up and running.

What are you most proud of or excited about for your business?

This company makes me really proud and excited on a regular basis. Most of all, I’m excited to see it grow, as in the last year we bulked up our team with some real industry heavyweights who have opened some doors for us that I could never have imagined. I think this year and next year is going to be full of firsts for us, as we are in the closing stages of some conversations that could mean some really exciting things.

What other UK impactful startup do you love and why?

There are so many wonderful startups in the UK, it’s actually great to network with people who are sharing your unique experience starting a business. I particularly love a young company called Bali Balm, they have all the ingredients for impact - an impassioned team, great products and a long term vision that aims to bring sustainability and ethical production to the cosmetics industry.

What’s next for your company?

At the moment we are very busy, which is great! Our next short term goal is to decide on our licensing partners and finish our new app

What can you offer the SeedTribe community?

My background is psychology and I am also a hypnotherapist and mindfulness teacher. I’m really passionate about well-being in entrepreneurship as sometimes the road isn’t always easy. I have noticed too often that great people are pushed to their limits starting a business and it results in, for example, feelings of shame and loneliness which can be hard to shake. I can offer my time as I know what it feels like to spin a lot of plates and sometimes it’s nice to offload.

How can the SeedTribe community be involved in helping you scale your impact?

I have always found that the most beneficial thing in business is meeting people and sharing recommendations, contacts and experiences. We are primarily looking for investment at the moment, however we are always open to hearing from people looking to partner or share ideas.

To get in touch with Nikki, send us an email.

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