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Eat Grub: The original superfood


Eat Grub is a sustainable food brand aiming to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it. Insects are not only nutritious and healthy, but can reduce the pressure food production places on the planet. Eat Grub is looking for investors who believe in their mission.

Our interview with Shami, Co-founder of Eat Grub

Describe your mission in a sentence or two

Eat Grub is a boundary breaking food start-up that champions insects for the delicious, nutritious and sustainable food they are. Our mission is to normalise the eating of insects in the West.

Who are your clients?

We have developed a range of products, from energy bars to whole roasted snacks to ingredients, which we sell direct to consumers, restaurants and retailers

What stage are you at in your business?

There is growing awareness and acceptance of the benefits of eating insects, and we have proven the concept via listings with some of Europe’s largest retailers including Lidl and Sainsbury’s and are now at the stage where we are looking to scale the business.

How much funding have you raised to date?

To date, we have raised seed funding of £450k which has predominantly come from angel investors.

What does "Impact" mean to you as a profit-driven company?

Impact for us means that we drive awareness and acceptance of insects as an extremely nutritious and environmentally friendly protein source; one that should be considered when looking at creating long term and sustainable food systems.

What is your current biggest challenge and how are you seeking to address it?

Our biggest challenge is a marketing one: how to change behaviour, making a previously culturally unacceptable food source accepted and loved. We seek to overcome this through transparency and as a food brand, most importantly, delicious products.

What are you most proud of/excited about for your business?

We were the first insect food brand in the UK, having launched in 2013, and I feel we have already brought the idea of eating insects to millions of people who had previously never considered it.

What other UK impactful start-up do you love and why?

I really admire Halo coffee as they took a problem that was massive – the plastic waste from coffee pods – and came up with a simple, brand led solution that would appeal to consumers from both an ethical and design point of view.

What’s next for your company?

Eat Grub can expect to get further major listings throughout Europe while continuing to grow our online presence through educational and engaging content, aimed at showing people the benefits of eating insects as well as how to cook with them. We also continue to work with schools in developing educational resources that can be used as a teaching guide for anything from the environment to nutrition.

How can the SeedTribe community be involved in helping you scale your impact?

In order to scale, Eat Grub will be looking for new investment soon and we would love to bring on board angel investors who want to make an impact through their investments, and buy into our vision and mission.

Visit Eat Grub's blog to find out more about the benefits of eating insects.

To contact Shami, send us an email and we will put you in touch.

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